LearnMore India

About Us

Today, every industry’s top challenge is a shortage of skilled manpower. Many leading surveys have found that a graduate fresh out of university is not directly “employable” by industry. In most cases, the industry has to invest in an initial learning program to make them “industry ready”. Industry is also faced with the challenge of keeping existing employees sharply focused on customer satisfaction and highly motivated.

Learn More India is an unique organization founded by experienced professionals, who have been associated with leading schools and colleges and the hospitality organization for over 25 years.

It has put together unique result-oriented learning solutions / programs to help industries achieve their pursuit of excellence. These solutions / programs have been proven through interactions with academia and the industry and have been very well received.

Why Us

Our personnel understand the socio-economic and cultural backgrounds of the organizations at large and thus reach out to align individual employee goals with organizational goals.

Many organizations have benefitted from our services. The vast experience of the individuals forming our resource pool combined with their presentation skills and contemporary industry knowledge is testimony to the certainty of our services.

Our Solution

Learn More India provides a “one stop” solution to address the varied learning needs of industry by offering well defined, need based, unit specific packages.

The modules and packages are designed to deliver an enhanced learner experience. Broadly, the solution covers the following: