Skill training(NSDC programs)

English communication - Business English Communication

While professional programs focus on delivering university requirement based modules for the award of the degree, university focus on getting students industry ready has taken a back seat. However many colleges and educational institutions have identified this lacunae and addressed this by exposing students to business communication skills workshops which is beyond the scope of academic requirement.

This has helped students to be better equipped for the industry not only during the internship and placement but also for career progress.

One such certification is BEC awarded by the University of Cambridge (ranked 2nd as per QS world university rankings 2014). Many organizations have made the BEC, awarded by the UOC as a pre-requisite for applying to entry level job positions.

The objective of this program is to train and get students industry ready with a globally recognized Business English Certification from the University of Cambridge.

Everyday English

English has become an everyday every time language for communication amongst family, friends and at work across all age groups. In fact acceptance amongst peer groups within social circles and at work heavily leans on one's ability to communicate in English. The Everyday English program gives a unique opportunity to high school student learners to reasonably master the English language and help them to use it as easily and correctly as possible.

This program focuses on both general usage as well as usage of English at work. The program is delivered by experienced language trainers and is supported by work book, audio and visual materials to enhance the learning. The Everyday English program will cover all the four aspects of the language, which is, speaking , listening , reading and writing.

The program highlights are:
Teacher empowerment

This program aims to increase teachers' confidence and enhance job prospects by focusing on the core teaching areas and aspects needed by teachers of primary and secondary school learners, anywhere in the world in general and pan India in particular.

This flexible and accessible program will help understand:

Plus need based programs customized as per requirement that can include parenting workshops to enhance the learning.